Praise for Growing Up Gracie

“Maggie Fechner drew me in from the first page with her unique use of description and compelling characters. Growing Up Gracie is sure to be just the first offering from this rising author.”
- Tristi Pinkston, author of Agent in Old Lace and Secret Sisters

"Fechner's characters are fun and diverse. She'll have you rooting for your favorites and weeping for their struggles."
-Heather Justesen, author of "The Ball's in Her Court" and "Rebound"

"There is a warm comfort that comes from reading Growing Up Gracie, the memoir of one teen and her two best friends growing up in Cody, Wyoming...I am looking forward to reading more from Maggie as this book is just the beginning and a first installment in a new Fremont Family series."
-Fire and Ice Book Reviews

"Growing up Gracie is charm in a book. It was like reading a modern day Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea all rolled into one. Filled with humor, depth, strong bonds of friendship, and yes, romance (my favorite), Maggie takes the reader on an adventure so real and poignant, it will make you wish you grew up in a small town."
-Rachael Renee Anderson, author of Divinely Designed and Luck of the Draw

"When I first saw this book I thought, “Okay, Mormon chick-lit. Not for me.” I got the book for my eighteen-year-old daughter, and she devoured it in less than a day... Once she was done, the book was just kind of lying around, whispering “get past your preconceptions and read me.
I’m glad I obeyed the whisper...
I truly enjoyed this quiet story, and recommend it to all readers, although girls in their teens wondering what the coming years will bring will find it especially resonant."
-Michael Knudsen, author of The Rogue Shop

"The book is phenomenal, and not just for those readers of the Young Adult Genre! I enjoyed the realism and development of the characters - which are some of the most important parts to a book for me."
-Bonnie R. Paulson, Author of Dictating Desire

"Fechner has created realistic characters and a voice that made me feel like she was sitting next to me sharing this story as her own. I could relate to many of Gracie's experiences in the book and I found her to be a very honest, endearing character.I'd compare this book to comfort food--it makes you feel good and all warm inside."
-Rebecca Talley, Author of Heaven Scent, Altared Plans, and The Upside of Down

"Growing Up Gracie is the kind of story you can relate to--Gracie is the kind of character we care about. She's strong without knowing it. She's brave without realizing it. And she grows into herself a little at a time, just like we all do. The book starts out with a little teaser of the boy Gracie eventually loves, and each time she met a new one I asked myself, 'Is it him?'"
-Cheri Chesley, Author of The Peasant Queen

I sat down to read a few chapters of Growing Up Gracie a couple of nights ago, and ended up reading the entire book in one sitting. I loved this novel. I thought that Fechner did a wonderful job with the characterization of Gracie, illustrating how she grows throughout her growing up years.
-Kaylee Baldwin, Author of Meg's Melody