About Maggie

I grew up here:

Not at the actual rodeo, but in the Rodeo Capital of the World--Cody, Wyoming. (And yes, it really is called the Rodeo Capital of the World).

I spent some time doing this:

In addition to spending lots of time doing this:

Not laughing at my classmates, mind you, but at tourists on their way through our tiny town at the East gate of Yellowstone Park. Here's a hint: if you have to buy your cowboy boots at Walmart, you don't really need them.

I graduated high school and decided I needed this:

So I moved to Eastern Washington. No, not the rainy side. No, not the beautiful leafy tree side. No, not the space needle side. More like the big-fields-of-wheat side. With my BA in Journalism I got to do all sorts of fun things like this:

And this:

And this:

(I mean, write a big story on the prison system. Not actually BE incarcerated).

Then I met him:

And we were married. And he was older than 12, I promise. (Actually 22, but yes, he looked very, very young. We both were!)

We had fun.

We had one girl.

We had two girls.

We had three girls.

Husband lost his hair.

Husband bought a boat.

I wrote books.

And guess what? Wa-Laa! One was published!

And guess what else? Husband got his boy.

Now we spend lots of time boating and cleaning and cooking and wiping noses and wiping bottoms. And intermingled in all that, I like to write.

And just because in all these pictures I seem to have a very different hairstyle, here is a final picture as I appear now: Browinsh hair, I think :)

***The first six pictures are not mine***