Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommy Mondays: What would you do with a free day?

Today my sister took my kids for the whole day just so I could have a "free" day to get stuff done. We switch like this every now and then.

I was so excited for my day! Here is what I imagined I'd do:
-get my haircut
-go to the bookstore
-redecorate my house
-refinish furniture
-take a nap
-organize closets
-deep clean children's rooms

And the list goes on and on... I'm not kidding you, I seriously thought I could accomplish all that in a day.

 But in reality, I was so excited and crazed that I was, well, ALONE, that my heart was pounding insanely all day. I felt like I was on speed. I rushed around the house in squirrel mode racing to get everything done. And in the end, here's all I really accomplished:


Yep. That's pretty much it. Mountains and mountains and mountains of laundry. (But at least I got to watch tons of episodes of Sister Wives on Netflix while I folded and folded and folded. I'm seriously hooked on that show.)

What would you want to do with a day off? But what would you probably end up doing?


DeAnne said...

Probably the same as you :) I'd clean my house. I mean, REALLY clean it. Then I would just sit there and stare at it, or maybe take pictures to post on my blog so everyone knows what a good housekeeper I am ;) haha! Once the kids come back, it's over! That is so nice to be able to do that with your sister though.

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

I'm the same way when I'm alone in the house because it hardly ever happens. I love laundry and movie time. I think I'm hooked on too many shows.

E.D. said...

I'd plan a whole bunch too and end up doing only the chores. that is how it always works out....

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