Monday, October 24, 2011

Thoughts on Halloween

Here are Maggie's thoughts on Halloween:

1. "This is the song that never ends. Oh it goes on and on my friends...."
That's how Halloween feels to me. We have parties Wednesday, two on Friday, one on Saturday, and--oh yeah--the REAL holiday on Monday.

2. What I like most about Halloween: hearing the Monster Mash on the radio.
What I dislike most about Halloween: um, everything else??

Just kidding. I'm not that bad. I don't close my curtains and hide out on the Spooky Night of the year, but as I get older, I'm realizing I enjoy this holiday less and less.

First of all, every year my group of friends has a Halloween bash. Awesome, right? Yes! Tons of fun. Except for one thing: you HAVE to wear a costume. So, each year, I spend approximately thirty days running possible costume ideas by my husband. He spends approximately thirty days telling me why each one won't work. This is crazy making. And what usually happens is we throw something together in the last thirty minutes that is, well let's just say, not-award-worthy. The above picture is us a couple years ago as a Chick Magnet.

Second of all, my kids get sweets ALL the time, they don't really need a whole extra week devoted to loading up on more sweets. Remember when dessert and sweets were a special occasion? I remember hoarding my Halloween candy for ages because that was mostly likely the only candy I would be getting until my stocking on Christmas morning. But not any more. Here are some of the ways my kids get sweets: at home (duh, I like them too), at the bank, at church, at school, at the doctor's office. You know what I mean.

And finally the costumes. First off, I don't buy costumes. But before you go all "well-isn't-she-Miss-Betty-Homemaker-sewing-up-her-kids'-costumes-by-hand" on me, let me explain. I don't buy costumes. AND I don't sew costumes. I'm too cheap for either. If it can't be hot glued, forget about it. Yes, I am a mean, mean mother. Most of our costumes consist of regular clothes reconstituted. For instance, Daughter #3 is a ballerina (have all that junk); Daughter #2 is a old woman (pillows, a head scarf and mom's clothes make this easy peasy); Daughter #1 is a jockey (yeah, so this costume might not be easily guessed by others, but she thinks she looks like one, so who cares?). And baby? He gets a store bought costume! (Bought by my friend and hand-me-downed).
As far as adult store-bought costumes, I'm confused. How come no one dresses up as a nurse, a school girl, or a maid? But EVERYONE dresses up as a slutty nurse, a slutty school girl, and a slutty maid. There are even slutty kitty cats for goodness sakes. Why? Oh why?

What are your thoughts on Halloween? And... Have any good costume ideas for me and hubby?


i'm erin. said...

I don't buy costumes except for at yardsales. But sometimes I feel like people dress like total skanks just because it's halloween. Alright...I may or may not be talking about myself.

E.R. King said...

I hide away on Halloween! I loathe the holiday. I don't like how adults use it as a way to scare children. It's not fun to be scared or to scare kids! What's wrong with people? And don't get me started on the slutty costumes. Cleavage shouldn't be a requirement to dress up. Our family doesn't even trick-or-treat. Instead, we do what I was raised with: we turn off the lights and have a pizza party. We rent a movie and we all get our own bags of candy that I BOUGHT and kept, opposed to giving it to someone else and then having to go from door to door to beg strangers for theirs. Can you tell I have a strong opinion on the matter? I do, however, I dress my children up as anything they want to be and we attend the school carnival. That's it. I am usually counting the minutes for Halloween to end so I can focus on a more important holiday, like Thanksgiving.
Thank you for letting my have my annual tirade. It'll satisfy me for another year.

Bonnie R. Paulson said...

You girls are hilarious!

My buddy and her husband went as a hunter (all camo - easy) and she took a cardboard box and cut a hole in it and then used branches as antlers and went as the trophy wife. I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD!

Perfect. I have riding jerseys that match you guys can borrow, if you want and go as dirtbikers - you can really mix it up and go as injured ones wtih some ace bandages and blood - just don't get it on my jerseys : ) lol

love the pic by the way!

Kasey @ The Beautiful Thrifty Life said...

I LOVE Halloween and I probably get way more into it than I should. I love dressing up! We often do a family costume for our ward Fall Festival and this year we went as a circus train (my son is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and really wanted us to be a train so I decided a circus train would be really fun). My husband was the clown (yup), daughter #1 was the acrobat (all the way), daughter #2 a monkey (absolutely), son was the engine (he's awfully reliable) and I was the ringleader (of course!). We had a lot of fun decorating our train cars and dressing up. Two years ago we went with a sports theme- girls were cheerleaders, son was a football player, hubby was the coach and I was the referee (as per my usual). Another time we went as a royal family- King, Queen, prince & princess.

On Halloween night I make dinner in a pumpkin, and after all the trick-or-treating craziness we put the kids to bed and my husband and I sit down to watch a scary movie and eat more candy than we should.

I love the chick magnet idea! Can't say I have too many other ideas for you...but you might want to consider investing in a long black cape. We have one that has been used for many a costume over the years, everything from vampire to witch to queen to Zorro.

Oooh, that just gave me an idea. You guys should go as Edward and Bella. Just paint your hubby's skin all white and stick some fake rhinestones on his face! And then you can just wear regular clothes! Ha!

Melanie Stanford said...

I'm not a Halloween fanatic either and never have been. I do buy my kids new costumes each year and then let them wear them for dress-up from then on (my kids love to dress up). And I've always wanted to go to a must-dress-up Halloween party, but I don't know anyone who throws one. But I could see how it might get tedious year after year. If it happened just once, I'd totally rent a really awesome costume- like an 18th century dress or something. No slutty anything. And have you noticed, the costumes for teen girls are slutty too? Ack!
Anyway, I'll stop my Halloween rambling.
Do you have long black trench coats? If you can find some, pair those with black sunglasses and slick your hair and you can be Neo and the chick (I can't remember her name!!!) from the Matrix.

Abby Fowers said...

LOL! You are too funny. Personally, I think the chick magnet costume is stellar! I WISH I could get my husband to dress up. I offered Fred & Wilma Flintstone but he said "no way was he showing his legs." LOL. Darn him. I told him, one year, if I ever have the money I am buying him a Jack Sparrow costume. I kick a** one. Only because Jack Sparrow is HOT and I love him. hahaha

Brittany said...

Please, please, PLEASE tell me how you are doing a jockey costume without buying one. Because that's what my Girl 1 wan ts to be. What the, what? Seriously kind of hate Halloween. And I think people have figured I never reciprocate the BOO thing because we didn't get BOO'd thisl year. What a relief.

Jolene Perry said...

In theory it's fun, but in reality, I'm not into it.
I know.
I suck.

Kristin Baker Przybyla said...

I just love Halloween. LOVE it! It was always my dad's favorite holiday, and he really got into it. I guess I inherited that from him. And I think it's a fun way to kick off fall, my favorite season, and really get me in the mood for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I try not to do storebought costumes either, and although I rarely sew, I know how and I always vow to try to sew more in the coming months (still working on that). Every year, either my in-laws buy the kids costumes or they put together their own out of stuff we already have lying around the house. They love playing dress-up any time of the year, so we always have costume-ready clothes.

The only thing I DON'T like about Halloween is that there's school the next day if it falls on a weekday! Getting them to bed when they're on a sugar rush is a huge chore!

Jessie Humphries said...

Last year my brother dressed up like P.Diddy (black makeup and all) and his girlfriend dressed up as Jennifer Lopez. It was risky, but hilarious! Btw, your comment on my blog made me laugh out loud...the one where the last picture was "and of course". I didnt even think that's where minds would be heading. But looks like you have your head in that direction! So funny! I love it. You have to be one of my blog bffs!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I totally agree about liking Halloween less and less every year. My kids love it, but I'm more ... meh. You know? :) And LOL! Slutty kitty cats! True story. Sadly.

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

I hear you on having too many parties to go to. What I hate about adult Halloween costumes is that a lot of them are one size fits all, which really doesn't work for me since I'm 5'10". Oh, and what's worse than cleavage is butt cleavage--I see a lot more of that on Halloween than I ever wanted to see. That being said, Halloween is a fun excuse to see my friends and neighbors more than I usually do.

Jessica R. Patch said...

I like Halloween. I lucked out b/c my BFF buys my son a hero costume every June for his birthday, so I've yet to buy one!

My daughter may have had cat ears or bunny ears but everything else came from home.

Last year my DH and I went as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. I borrowed some long white linen table cloths from the church for togas. That sounds wrong doesn't it? :)

Oh well, we rocked those tablecloths out!

Peggy Eddleman said...

My thoughts on Halloween are pretty much your thoughts. It never ends! And I really hate having to come up with costumes FOR EVERYONE. Except this year. I have a son who has always hated dressing up, and now that he's twelve, he figured he's old enough to finally skip it. :)