Monday, October 3, 2011

Talking about our questions

Last week I asked you to pose some questions that you have and we would talk about them. I loved your questions. I'm going to list them here and give our readers a chance to answer. Then if we're still scratching our heads, I'll do a bit of research and give you the answers I come up with in a few days.

-Why do people hate adverbs?

-What do editors mean when they want more "high concept" fiction?

-What's a meme?

-What does it mean to "show don't tell"?

-Did Deseret buy Covenant and do I submit to them separately?

-What is a timeslip novel?

Alright, tackle one of these or all of these if you know the answer, or if you have more questions, add them to our list!


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

I'll take a stab at some of these.

I don't think people hate adverbs per se - I think it's more of keeping the sentence tight - for instance why say "He ran quickly?" when you can just say "He ran?" Because to run is, well, to move quickly and the verb shouldn't NEED a description unless of course it does. How confusing.

Like he clapped slowly could be changed to He clapped, a slow rhythm that matched the dullness of the moment. (please bear with my horrible sentences ugh). Because if you need to describe a verb you can do it so much better than with an adverb. Does that make sense?

And then I just found out what High Concept means - it means easily pitchable (from the research I've gathered) like Independence Day (the movie) and can be tagged with a simple sentence and have HUGE appeal.

OOOOH I hate show don't tell. lol

The day was beautiful. (tell)
Early morning sunlight glistened across the fields of purple flax petals. She sighed. The perfect day to meet her love. (show - but badly!)

I can't wait to see what the other answers are for these and the other questions I have no idea about!

great post!

E.R. King said...

Yes, Deseret bought Covenant, but they run them separately, so you can submit to both publishers. Yay! More publishers for LDS authors to submit to!

Jolene Perry said...

Tell = Jolene was sad.

Show = Jolene woke up feeling heavy again, like a lead weight had been permenantly placed on her chest.

People hate adverbs because it's cheating. I mean, a few are okay. But to say someone sexily walked away, when you could be more descriptive (see show, don't tell) Adverbs walk the line of telling instead of showing.

- a boy falls in love during a disastrous year (low concept)
- when Miles is wrongly accused of taking and posting naked pictures of his classmate, he finds himself facing federal charges, and his college apps suddenly feel trivial. (high-concept)

(these are both from books I just read)

OK. So maybe this is lame. But most people think high-concept means it has to be dystopian, or paranormal. It doesn't. It just means that the stakes have to be really high. This means that the publisher will easily be able to come up with a one-sentence hook to get readers interested.

I'm just running at the mouth this morning, and may not even make sense :D

Julianna said...

Ha! I just looked up meme on wikipedia and I suggest you do the same, but, if you want to watch a movie that puts this concept into action I suggest Pandorum starring Dennis Quaid. Ironic that I watched it for the first time last night!

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