Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Week of School Woes

Random facts about the first week of school that made me feel like a terrible mother:

1. Girl #3 has a tantrum when I PICK HER UP from Preschool--Not when I drop her off.
2. I tell Girl #2 I missed her so much while she was at Kindergarten. She says, "Really Mom? I forgot all about you!"
3. I forget to pack the "potty clothes" for Girl #3.
4. I forget to pack the water bottle for Girl #2.
5. I forget to pack the snack for Girl #1.
6. Keeping bus numbers and start and stop times straight in my head has me woozy. We have a morning preschooler, an afternoon kindergartener, and an all-dayer.
7. I filled out so many emergency forms I am beginning to think there absolutely MUST be many, many, many emergencies in public schools these days. (And this reminded me of the time my little sister had to fill out her own forms at the Dr.'s office because our Mom dropped her six-year-old off and let her go in by herself. Under the question Emergency Contact, she wrote, 911.)

Have any of you had a crazy first week back to school? Going from one kid in school to three has me running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

Share some first week of school woes.


KaseyQ said...

If it makes you feel any better, when my son got off the bus from his first day of kindergarten (2 years ago) he said the exact same thing: "Mom, I just forgot all about you!" I know in his mind it was probably supposed to be good news, but having my firstborn "forget all about" me was tough to bear!

The good news is, no matter how many moms are so much more on top of things than we are, there are also always plenty of moms who are screwing up even more than we are. I'm pretty sure I'm a horrible person for saying something like that, but heck, it sure makes me feel better!!

Anonymous said...

{hugs} I can't imagine jumping from one in school to three.

This year the first week actually went fairly smoothly. The second week, well, we're struggling to get back into the homework groove, two of the four kiddos needing lots of assistance.

It'll get better :)

Jolene Perry said...

(lol on the 911 thing - that's awesome)

First week was spread out for us. Emma's in 3rd grade and is an old pro now.

Jack started pre-school with no physical OR shot records. Fortunately, they didn't ask . . .

Worst part about back to school? Holding my four year old who threw a temper-tantrum the size of an 18 month old while getting his physical. We had to use serious bribery to get him to STAND ON THE SCALE. Oh . . . yeah . . .
my headache from yesterday afternoon will last me a week.

Myne Whitman said...

Don't have any kids yet so feeling cool with myself, :). All the best.

ps, came over from the Platform Building campaign.

Melanie Stanford said...

Bwahaha. I couldn't help laughing at this post. Luckily, my two all-dayers walk to school together and preschool doesn't start till next week. My kids don't miss me either.

Jessica R. Patch said...

LOL 911 sounds smart!

I got my son to school late b/c I forgot he was in the van and headed to work.

Eventually he piped up and asked why it was taking so long. When I took him into the office for the tardy slip he said, "My mom was writing in her head again and forgot me."

Yikes! But true. :)

E.R. King said...

LOL! Given the circumstances, I think you did well. My son started all day school for the first time. Scary! But don't worry, I'll recover soon enough. Of course my son is fine.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

LOL! My son started first grade a few weeks ago and it's just starting to hit him that he has to go every day. He was sad that he had to go this week and I told him he's going to have to get used to it since he has 12 more years of it! ;) (I totally didn't say it like that. I felt bad he was sad. It makes me wonder how I ever made it through school!)

Deniz Bevan said...

Aww, I'm sure it was a good week regardless :-)
It was back to work after vacation for me, and very disorienting, to come back to the office after three weeks away!
Nice to meet you, fellow campaigner!

Anna said...

When my first started school he thought it was cool (except me leaving him there). And after a few days, he started to realize that tihs wasn't just a couple days. It was 5 days a week, every week.

I have a 2nd grader and a afternoon K. Early out Wed. I completely forgot and my son walked home by himself. Now, I can see the school from my backyard, but he has to walk around the block and up the hill to get home though. Makes him seem so grown up to walk home by himself. He doesn't even want me to pick him up, so I meet him halfway home.

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