Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1 Check In

Okay, are you getting sick of these check ins yet?

I am.

The whole point of my monthly check ins was so that we could have early detection if we were falling off course from our 2011 New Year's Resolutions.

So, overall, how have you done?

I feel good about two of my accomplishments:
-I got to my goal weight. Yahoo! I have four more pounds to my oh-ya-baby weight. And that's my weight plan for the rest of the year.
-I finished Letters Never Sent and submitted it. I'm still just waiting for any news.

And not-so-good about two:
-Long term savings. Hubby started school instead, so that goal is on a four-year hiatus.
-Work on rough draft of Danielle, Never the Bride. Still haven't touched it.

But, it's time to rework my goals. So, dun dun dun... Here are my goals for the rest of 2011:

1. Finish and submit co-author project (having a lot of fun with this!)
2. Finish and submit novella (rough draft is done)
3. Write a rough draft of Danielle, Never the Bride
4. Reach my oh-ya-baby weight.

That's a tall order. But I can do it!

How are your resolutions going? Do you need a mid-year goal change too?


Jessica R. Patch said...

Congrats on almost reaching the weight goal, one I keep having to start over...and over...and over...

I finished revising 2 manuscripts on time. My goal is to finish 2 more by the end of November.

And I'd like to be at my goal weight by Christmas...ok, maybe January...or after Valentines! :)

Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Congrats! Working on goal weight!
Working on WIPs. Working on Co author-project (yeah fun!) working working working. and yes, have had to reevaluate goals. Sucks, but gotta do it.

Good luck. You can do anything!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Congrats on the weight goal! That is so awesome! :D

I'm just plugging along with my current WIP. I want to be finished with my first draft by October. We'll see if that will ever happen. :P

Jolene Perry said...

co-author projects are a BLAST!!

Have fun :D