Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Articles I like from WriteOnCon today

Check out these great articles for free today at the WriteOnCon conference site. Here are a few I've found today that I like so far. I'll add to the list as they come up!

1. Your Novel Isn't Ready Because...
***Yay, judging by all his points, my novel IS ready. Phew!***

2. How To Write A Killer First Sentence
***This made me rethink and rewrite my current WIP first sentence.***

3. Myths and Misconceptions

***In this video they talk about how it seems like EVERYONE but you is having good things happen to them over night. IT'S NOT TRUE! Did you know Suzanne Collins had lots of not-super-great books before Hunger Games? You do now!***

4. Your Own Hero's Journey
***I especially loved this because Kendra Levin says we all need GIFTS on our writing journey. Hooray for gifts!***

4. On Pacing
***She hit the nail on the head here: I take about 50 pages to get to the meat of my stories!***

What have you enjoyed at WriteOnCon?


Kristin Baker Przybyla said...

Woo! My novel is ready too, according to the article! LOL I'm off to read the second article, looks like a good one.

Jolene Perry said...

I'll be watching writeoncon in bits over the next little while. It loses something when it's not live, but still awesome.
Thanks for sharing!!


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E.R. King said...

I am so loving WriteOnCon! Where was I when this happened last year?

Kelley said...

I need to get over there and catch up. These all sound awesome. I really like this blog, and how great is that Taylor Swift song? I hadn't heard it before. So ty muchly :)

From a newbie follower.

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