Monday, July 25, 2011

What WASN'T on your list today?

If you're a mom and a writer (which I think most of my viewers are), you probably have lists.

Here are a few lists I can see from where I sit right now:
*one on the fridge detailing today's caloric intake (it's a weight loss year, people)
*one on the counter with the EXTRA chores my children "earned" last night from some naughtiness
*one listing the homes we want to look inside (we'll be moving this fall)
*and the dreaded To-Do List

If you're like me, your to-do list is usually longer than your to-do energy on any given day. I often look at my list at the end of the day and wonder where all the time went. Sometimes I'm lucky to have a few of the items crossed off at all.

A few months back, I saw a post from a mommy writer about all the things that she DIDN'T put on her daily list yet still had to accomplish. These are the little moments that are life's necessities. It made the blogger feel better about what she had accomplished.

So, here's what wasn't on my list today:
-make breakfast (three different ones for picky kids)
-share my shower for the third day in a row with my little girl
-change diapers
-help kids complete their chores (I don't do them for them, just help them see what they missed)
-sweep floors
-help decorate a room
-encourage a friend
-call my sister
-schedule some upcoming plans
-write a blog post
-do four heads of hair

And it's only 1:30.

Mommy writers ARE busy, and I hope you realize that any single task you can cross off today's list is an accomplishment. Do your best. Ask for God's help. And everything will work out okay.

What WASN'T on your list today, but it took up your time anyway?


E.R. King said...

What wasn't on my list today? I LOVE that! What a great idea! How about feeding two hungry missionaries. Is it just me, or do they look younger and younger every year? LOL!
Great post, as always. BTW, thanks for adding my link to your blog. Seeing it there made my day.

Jessica R. Patch said...

I think I do more on my "What wasn't on my list" list, than my To Do.

Today, I cleaned up dog pee off the kitchen floor. UGH. Helped a friend pick out paint and glaze. Unclogged a toilet because the 7 year old put half a roll in, I think. So not on the list, yet house wouldn't function if 2 of those had gone unattended.


Ruth Josse said...

It's amazing how much time we spend doing what we didn't plan on doing. We ARE busy.

My son asked me to make a fort for him and his friend. After I was done he informed me that they didn't feel like playing in it anymore. I made them.

Kaylee Baldwin said...

I finally got in the shower this afternoon at about three (this isn't unusual, and a shower was on the list.)

But then my oldest got into his dirty diaper (a nasty habit of his we're trying to break) and before I realized he'd done this, he came and gave me a hug (where I smelled him and knew this was trouble.) So my husband got to watch the kids while I took shower #2 (only about 2 hours lapsed between showers), which was not on the list.

But I still loved the hug.

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

Oh goodness what wasn't on my list.

Read Thomas Gets a Snowplow for the 800th time :)
Go to the park twice
Spell "monster trucks" so my son could look up Youtube videos
Explain to my 4 year old how chalkboards work
Remind my 12 year old that even tho she's almost taller than me, she still is younger!

Thanks for this great post. As an aspiring author it is sooooo great to know that other writer moms deal with all this too and still manage to get words on the page!

Elle Strauss said...

I am a list-aholic, with several lying on my desk at once.

Hey, I'm your number 200!

Jolene Perry said...

I'm standing here right now with bleach in my hair, because instead of sewing what we were supposed to, my friend Heather and I decided I needed highlights instead :D

I don't even want to THINK about how many things SHOULD have been on my list and weren't...