Friday, July 1, 2011

July Goal Check In

Okay, quite often when I am headed to a social function, I remind myself: Maggie, don't talk too much. It's not that I'm an extrovert, just when I get nervous, I feel like I have to fill the silence with meaningless babble.

And here I am on my blog, talking too much. I've posted most days this week, but it's just because it seems like I've had a lot to say.

Anywho, July 1 is here. Yep, the year is half way done. How are you doing on your Resolutions? Here's my run-down.

1. Revise Letters Never Sent and submit it to agents/publisher.
****Finished round 4,982.3 of revisions. Have begun querying agents, and am waiting feedback from one crit partner. Then I will resubmit. Woohoo!

2. Finish a rough draft of Danielle, Never The Bride.
****Last month this had grown cobwebs. Now those cobwebs are growing mold. So yes, still no progress here.

3. See a weight on the scale I haven't seen in a few years.
****Yahoo. Running (I'm up to four miles) and diet have been going well. I have half a pound to go! Yes, I'm on the slow track, I realize this. But all in all, I've lost thirteen pounds in 2011. I have half a pound to my original goal and five pounds to my dream weight goal. I think slow and steady is going to be good in the long run.

4. Get going on long-term savings.
****Nothing has changed here. But, on the bright side of things, my first royalties from Growing Up Gracie came in and instead of using the money, I promptly created a MAGGIE-WILL-GO-TO-STORYMAKERS-2012 account.

Feels like a pretty good month. Six more months to go!

How are you doing on your works in progress? I know lots of ladies were planning to finish in mid August. Are you on track?


Lacie Nezbeth said...

Great goals Maggie. And great progress. Running four miles is huge. Congrats. I attempted running at the beginning of the year. Got up to four miles as well and then just got bored. Seriously! Running stinks! A friend recommended hot yoga (ever heard of it?) so I'm gonna check it out. :)

I'm on track to finish my WIP the beginning of Aug. Yippee!!

Kaylee Baldwin said...

YAY!! I so want to go to storymakers next year (this year was awesome) It would be fun to actually meet you in person :)

My goal is to finish a rough draft my next book by the end of August. I think I can do it, maybe. :/

Jolene Perry said...

yay for storymakers!!
I'm REALLY hoping to make it happen next year. I think it will depend mostly on if I have enough airmiles or not...
We'll see.

I'd LOVE to get one of my mainstream books published over the next year, that would be great, but again, very much out of my hands.

And way to go YOU!! You've accomplished a ton!

Jessica R. Patch said...

Congrats on your running goals! I'm at 3.5 miles. Ugh. sigh.

My 1st draft writing goals are all met for now. I'm working on the last few chapters in my 2nd revision of my 2nd novel and doing crits for CPs.

I need to register for ACFW. I've already booked my room! Whoop!

Emily Rittel-King said...

Good luck with your goals. You seem to set very realistic goals, and I like that.
BTW, I love the swirls on your blog. I think that every time I stop by.

Richard said...

A happy July 4 to all...... Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa