Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Ann M. Martin

I'm not much into fan mail, but in Ann M. Martin's case, I would make an exception. Talk about prolific writers, this author of the famous Baby-Sitters Club series has written hundreds of titles (between several different series) and continually releases books that cross the boundaries of the generations.

My eight-year-old is reading the same titles I read twenty years ago--and she doesn't even seem to notice the totally nineties covers.

Although Ms. Martin has a great website through Scholastic as well as a Facebook fan page, I haven't been able to find a fan mail email address. So, in case Ms. Martin has a Google Alert on her name, which of course she doesn't, (I mean with THAT many fans, and THAT many years as a hugely successful author, how could she get bogged down in the mundane?) here is our fan letter to her.

Dear Ms. Martin,

I firmly believe my daughter is your biggest fan.

She has read close to one-hundred of your books, many of which she reads over and over again. She owns most of these books and goes to the local thrift store monthly to search for more of your titles.

Yesterday she had a Baby-Sitters Club birthday party. We luckily found an old copy of the BSC postcard book, which worked perfectly for invitations.

She and her friends made "kid kits," picked BSC officers, took phone calls from parents who wanted their kids babysat (pretend ones of course), and practiced on her own younger brothers and sisters.

They ate a BSC cake, and even had a guest speaker! I bet you didn't know you were coming to teach eight-year-olds the ins and outs of babysitting as well as a little bit about yourself did you? (Grandma made a great Ann M. Martin.)

Anyway, I just wanted you to know you have a major fan in my household. Thank you for writing such amazing books. Thank you for having such a cool internet presence where my daughter can find out lots about you and the BSC on Scholastic's site.

P.S. if you happen to read this, my daughter would love a little shout out in the comments. Her name is Gracie. Just sayin'...

Maggie Fechner

NOW YOUR TURN. Have you ever written a piece of fan mail? If you got up the guts to do it, WHO would you write to?


Emily Rittel-King said...

I wrote my first fan letter a few weeks back to my fav author, Jude Deveraux. I have shelf full of them, and I've read them each several times. The letter was satisfying to write. I'm not sure if she read it, but it felt good to put my gratitude out there, ya know?
Great post! I enjoyed my fair share of The Babysitter's Club Series, too.

Anna said...

If I really enjoy a book I try to get an email out or a comment on facebook or a blog. I know that when I finally get to the published author status I would love to hear someone tell me how much they enjoyed my book.

I recently read a series by Rhys Bowen. Loved it and found out she had a blog. Started following her blog and her on facebook. Then, when she mentioned something, I sent her a link to a video that she said she loved.

Which comes to another point: I read Growing Up Gracie. Loved it! You are now on my list of author's books to read because I know I'll like it before I know what it's about. :)

Rachelle said...

I love this party theme! How fun! I usually let authors know through blogs or FB pages and emails. It's fun how easy it is to send fan mail these days.

Anonymous said...

i would like to write my fan letter to ann m martin!!! she is my favorite author. i wanted to email her a happy birthday card too. her birthday is on august 12. today is july 31.