Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weird Wednesday

Nope. This picture has nothing to do with anything. My blog just hasn't had a photo on it in awhile and this one makes me happy.

Here are some questions about Mommyhood and Writerhood and a few about neither (that have been on my mind).

1. If a kid doesn't want to ride a bike--I mean, really doesn't want to--do you force them to any way? Is it un-American or un-childhoodish to just never learn to ride a bike?

2. Can you get so immersed in one writing project that it kills your drive/creativity/desire? When do you just say enough is enough?

3. Do you have any special tricks to remember the difference between waist and waste? Seriously, this causes some awkward sentences if spelled wrong. "He slid his arms around her waste." Ewwwwwe.

4. How do you get a child to stop sucking their thumb or fingers? Bribery? Threatening? Nasty-tasting-junk-on-thumb? Wait it out?

5. Am I the only one who doesn't get the Michael Buble thing? Is he all jazz? Because I seriously hate jazz, and so far I haven't heard anything from Buble that makes me swoon like the rest of the female population.

6.Do you love camping and vacation? Or do you build yourself up for it and then get there and think what was I thinking? This is hard work with kids!

7. Did you see Kiersten White just wrote a novel in nine days? If you check out her blog post from yesterday, you will see what I'm talking about. She is a mom and a wife too. Holy Moses how is that possible? I've been starring at the same darn thing for over a year!

8. What's the funniest thing your kid has said lately? I asked my seven year old if she liked a particular new boy in her class and this was her response: "Well mom, he's a fine student, but my worst enemy."

9. What food do you stinking crave but try not to eat because it isn't healthy? For me, the answer would be: Reeses Puffs cereal; Reeses peanut butter cups; peanut butter bars. Hmmm. I'm seeing a peanut butter/chocolate theme here.

10. Are you an optimist or pessimist? And has this changed as you've aged? I'm so sad to admit, I think I've slowly slid from an optimist to a pessimist over the past few years. I think I was tainted by a few hard years when everything seemed to go wrong. I wonder if a year of everything going right would reverse me again? (I know, I know, I can't wait around for something like that.)

Go ahead, tackle one of these babies or all of them. I'd love your opinions.


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

1. Hubs seems to think not only do you have ride a bike you have ride a dirt bike. This is frustrating at my house cause one of my boys is like me and just wants to read my life away.
2. I don't know that one has ever killed my creativity. I'm immersed easily.
3. Waist has an I in it and I want a waist!
4. I've never had a thumb sucker. A nail picker I have. He picks them past the quick and it grosses me out. I bribe with toys for a four weeks of no picking. ugh
5. I don't get Buble. His name is fun to say though hahaha
6. Love vacation, tolerate camping. both are heck with kids.
7. saw it and am jealous. how much revision do you think the 9-dayer needs?
8. Mine (this is gross too), Bodey - age 7- sitting at dinner and he says, "You'll smell that in a minute". just out of the blue. We laughed so hard. heck, i'm laughing now!
9. Crave? All food. but I love rootbeer floats. and pizza. and french bread. food!
10. Ever the optimist but with a dash of realism. I like to refer to myself as a changer or doer. If I don't like something, I change it. And get out of my way!

Great post. What about you?

Bonnie R. Paulson said...

I didn't mean to put what about you. i know you answered them.

I didn't finish it. What about you do you like the most?

Emily Rittel-King said...

I'm only going to answer the ones I know:
1. I hope not. I haven't forced either of my boys, and they still haven't learned to ride. They'll learn when they're ready.
2. Yes. But your desire will come back soon enough.
7. Kiersten White is a bit of a freak. No offense, Kiersten. But you are. : )
8. My eldest said, while he held a water gun, "Let's go harass the cat!"
9. Gummy bears. Not a single nutritional ingredient in them.
10. Depending on life, I'm both. Unfortunately, my ability to cope with life's challenges has a lot to do with whether I'm and optimist or a pessimist today.
Great post! All good questions.

Lacie Nezbeth said...

Maggie, I'm convinced you're a long lost sister of mine. Every time I read your blog, I think to could be me. :) I'm so with you on the Buble thing. Not a fan of jazz either. Agree wholeheartedly on craving peanut butter cups. They're my downfall. AND I have a six year old thumb sucker that drives me crazy cause I don't know how to get him to stop! Let me know if you ever figure that one out! :)

Jessica R. Patch said...

What a fun blog! Okay...
1. My kid doesn't want to ride his bike. My hub thinks he should, but when I see him reading A Junie B book, I say, foggeddaboutit!

2. I don't think immersing in a project kills creativity. I still get ideas for new things while working on a project.

3. If I wouldn't put so much waste into my body I'd have a trimmer waist. ;)

4. I've seen all of the above, but my kids never did that. I did have a friend who still sucked her finger in highschool. We used to walk down the hall and rip it out of her mouth.

5. Um...I like Buble! :)

6. I build myself up and then curse myself for doing it. Mosquitoes suck!

7. I did not see that! Whaaat??!

8. My son was talking to my hubby and said, "Hey that's what Yo-she-might Sam says." Who? YOSEMITE! Gotta love phonics!

9. I eat whatever I crave. I wish I could quit. lol

10. An optimist for the most part. Until I'm a pessimist of course! Depends on the day. :)

Jolene Perry said...

1. Yeah, I have one of those. I've decided riding bikes should be FUN, if it's not fun...
2. Not yet.
3. We all have words that give us a headache, mine is its, its' and it's. SO easy for EVERYONE else. Not for me.
4. NO idea. I'd wait it out, but I'd probably end up with a 16 year old finger-sucker, so what do I know?
5. I do not swoon when Buble sings.
6. I do EXACTLY that. BUT my son is now 4, we have high hopes for our next camping trip. But you already know how it could end out...
7. I wrote one in 7, I wrote another in 12, and another in... I don't know. If I set everything else aside, I feel pretty confident in getting a first draft done in a couple - three weeks. Sometimes the idea is just there. My house gets turned upside down and my kids play more wii than anyone should over those few days.
8. "Dad, pretend you were darth sidius, and I was an evil ferret with no tail." I'm guessing this has to do with Mom's occasional weeks of glued to the computer ridiculousness.
9. I do not think you have room for this list.
10. Optimist - except where people are concerned - my husband is a prosecutor, which often makes me wonder if the only good people left on the planet are our friends.

Wow. This might need to be my own blog post, or something like it. Whew.

KaseyQ said...

1. Leave it alone. If they want to, then they will (and they probably will once they see EVERYONE else doing it). But make sure you get it in writing so they can't try to blame you for it when they're 16. Just sayin'.
3. 'I' have a waist. Waste makes you say 'e'www.
7. That's just wrong. Seriously.
8. "Mom, can you call Jesus on the phone?" "Umm, no..." "Why? You do not have his phone number?"
9. EVERYTHING BAD FOR ME (especially sweets)

Fun questions!! :-)

Sari said...

All I have to say is Maggie's mom learned to ride at age 49--REALLY!
UnAmerican, I don't think so, just uncooridinated!