Friday, June 10, 2011

A Plug

I haven't talked about my book on my blog in a super long time, and since I don't have a witty post in mind, here it is.

Growing Up Gracie is a Young Adult novel with LDS themes. It's the story of Gracie Fremont, a young girl sandwiched in a big Mormon family in, where else??, Cody Wyoming.

My favorite thing so far about having my book out there has been the reviews. Goodreads has been so kind to me lately. At first the 5 Star reviews were wonderful, but several of them were written by folks I know. The ones that have meant the most have been the 3 and 4 star ratings and comments by strangers.

They're saying they related to Gracie and her trials, and that touches me. I especially love when teen girls enjoyed the book. Read the reviews here. And by the way, if you are someone who left me a review, thank you!

Pick up a copy anywhere in Utah; and for the rest of us non-Utahans (I don't think that's the word??) order my book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Spokanites/Spokanians (I'm not in my best form today) can find the book at Aunties and The Brass Plates bookstores. Codyites can find it at The Thistle.

Thanks for reading it. I'd love to hear what you thought.


Emily said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about your book. This is the first time I've been to your blog (I found you through MMW). I'm going to pick a copy up next time I'm at the bookstore.
Good luck in all of your writing endeavours!

Deborah A. said...

Maggie, I really did read your book. I promise! I'll be posting a review soon. :) Let me just say I loved it! I'll let you know when the review is up (but you'll probably see it on Goodreads anyway).

We Are A Happy Family said...

I loved it and shared with my mom. I would love to have you sign it the next time you are in town.