Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mommy Milestones That Are Making Me Happy

(These aren't really my kids, mine are older, for the most part)

Here are a few Mommy Milestones (or really Kid Milestones, I guess, but that doesn't sound as cool) my family has hit lately. I'm loving it!

1. Three out of four kids buckling their own seat belts.
2. Never buying formula again.
3. Finally "getting" the concept of Quiet Time.
4. Three out of four are old enough to bathe and brush their own teeth without my constant supervision.
5. Chore charts running smoothly.
6. No nose pickers (at the moment).
7. Kids are starting to help with the care of our dog.
8. They're being friends with one another about one-third of the time--I'll take one-third--THIS IS HUGE!!
9. Have learned to pray on their own and even remind Mom and Dad when we forget.
10. We are only four years away from having an in-house babysitter (when oldest is 12).

Don't say, "don't wish this time away." Because I'm not. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, especially when we hit these little milestones that seem to make life a bit easier.

Has your family hit any enjoyable Mommy Milestones lately?


Emily Rittel-King said...

I can't wait for the moment when all of my children get into the car on their own and buckle themselves in! It'll shave off ten minutes at the grocery store.
Congrats on your milestones. We're reaching some of ours, but now I'm thinking I want more children and the thought of starting over again is daunting. We'll see!

Jessica R. Patch said...

My kids can get their own snacks, pick out their own clothes, open van doors and close them, and they've finally...fianlly learned that when Mommy is writing, if it's not blood or guts to not interrupt!!! Woohoo!

I treasure every moment...of quiet writing time. Just kidding! I treasure every moment because I know I'm doing my job and teaching them how to be independent. :)

That picture is adorable even if it isn't your kiddos!

Anna said...

We've hit so many milestones I love it. Even the 2 year old is starting to want to buckle her own seatbelt! My kids can help out with dinner and cleaning.

My brain is too dead right now to think of more, but it is nice having kids that are learning how to do things for themselves and others.

Jolene Perry said...

No more diapers was HUGE for me.
I did cloth, and that's a LOT of extra laundry.

The next will be when jack (next year, not this year) goes to kindergarten and BOTH kids will be in school. Can we say running/writing time??

Maybe my house will occasionally resemble something like clean. That would be cool too.