Monday, June 27, 2011

Jumping In

(Yes, this photo is actually me)

Have you ever waited for the perfect moment?

I have.

In fact, lately I've been waiting for the perfect wakeboarding moment. I enjoy learning to wakeboard, but I only get one or two tries in each summer because I wait for the perfect moment. For me, the perfect moment looks like this: only adults on the boat, 100 degree day and 75 degree water, and I look graceful and talented and skinny out there. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. In reality, the combination of all of those events to get me out on the board would be a near-miracle.

What have you waited around for? Maybe it was when you were considering having your first child. Did you have a set of pre-requisites such as: owning a home, losing weight, having $10,000 in a savings account, or reading lots of books on pregnancy and child rearing?

For others, the goal may be going back to college. But wouldn't it be easier if you waited until the kids were in school, or maybe even when they were out of the house, or when the car was paid off?

Often when we have a goal or dream in our minds, we wait. We wait. Wait. Wait. Waiting for that perfect moment to come when life is stress-free (like when there are no children requiring my attention on the boat) and we can jump in to a new endeavor. But you know what? Life really is never stress-free. And often, the perfect moment never comes along.

When one debt is paid another crops up, when kids are in school you may find yourself uber-involved in PTA and soccer team, retirement may find you in poor health or nursing a sick spouse. There will always be things to take up your time and money.

So what must we do to accomplish the goals and dreams that are on our minds? JUMP IN.

Of course, when considering something major, I believe you should always pray about it first, but if the answer is "yes," move forward with the confidence that even if money or time seem sparse, Heavenly Father will provide a way.

I can't count how many people who have told me that they will write a book when they retire or when their kids are in school. And I hope they do, but there is no better moment than the one we're in right now. You simply must, JUMP IN.

Start writing now. Call the college and set up those entrance exams now. Get pregnant now (just kidding there, you better have a good long chat with your spouse first). Go on a run now. Plan a vacation now. Learn to paint now. Jump in.

So, this weekend, I jumped in. Was the moment ideal? Of course not! All four of our children were present and a friend watched them on the beach. The air temperature was 64 with a major breeze, and the water temperature was 54. Yes--Holy crap that's cold! I didn't look graceful or skinny or anything of the sort. Instead I wore a 1990s look-at-me wetsuit, and I jumped in. And this is how I felt:

Sure, I took a lot of spills on my way:

But you know what? I got up, and it felt gooooood. I did my best and look forward to the next time I can jump in.

How have you JUMPED IN lately? Or what goals have you been waiting to tackle?


Jolene Perry said...

I think SO SO many people are waiting for that one thing to happen before they start living, forgetting that our life IS the journey.

Woohoo to wakeboarding!! I grew up on a lake, in AK with the light, we used to take a LOT of midnight trips to waterski/board/tube...

Emily Rittel-King said...

I wish I'd jumped in sooner than I had with my writing. I would be years ahead of where I am. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Wakeboarding looks fun, but I think I'll stick to writing. :)

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

I was waiting to be healthy and active, but I did jump in on that and now I feel awesome for accomplishing it! I want to be a good wakeboarder too, skinny and sexy on the board (maybe next summer!!!)! You are awesome!!

Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Love the post miss Maggie! that's great. I think my problem is i jump in when I need to step back and form a plan of attack. have three kids? bam in 3 years. want to be a writer? bam don't stop. want to eat dinner? bam three dinners in 10 minutes... oh, wait i shouldn't have told you that...

Kaylee Baldwin said...

Soooo jealous right now! It was 112 out today and I'd love nothing more than to get dragged behind a boat (okay, not really, but wakeboarding is HARD! I've never been able to get up, so good for you!)

As for jumping in... does querying count? I don't know if I've really jumped in yet, or if I'm still just sticking my toes in the water. Jumping takes guts, but what a rush when we do it.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Oh my goodness, this is right where I'm at on something.

Such cool pictures. It looks like you had a blast and you spoke to me in this post today.

Now waiting on God to speak.
~ Wendy

Rebecca Bany said...

That's a great post. Definitely wise words.

Richard said...

A very nice message, and great images. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa

Jessica R. Patch said...

That looks like so much fun! Woo hoo! I have to agree with you on jumping in! Especially when you've prayed it over first. When God says go, there isn't any room for tickling your toes on the waves washing up to shore. You gotta go!

Great post!

Tana Adams said...

Wow good for you! I love those pictures! I'm a big believer of jumping in. Just do it, is not just for Nike anymore. ;)