Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why don't we chat about non-fiction?

We writers love to huddle together. Whether it be physically at conferences or technologically by the web, staying connected and informed about each others' trials and triumphs helps us feel a little less... well a little less insane.

But most of the authors I have connected with are working on their journey to publication in the fiction world. So, of course, we rarely talk non-fiction. Today we're going to change that.

I love non-fiction. My descendants could easily comprehend the state of my life if I only kept a journal of what non-fiction I had been reading.

*2002-2003 would include titles like Creating The Perfect Marriage; 101 Ways To Stay Married; Why Marriage Is Still God's Plan.
*My 2003 shelf would be What To Expect When You're Expecting To Expect (haha these are all fake titles by the way); How To Eat Right To Grow That Baby; How What You Do In Week 1 Of Life Could Permanently Ruin Your Baby.
*2003-2005. Every Minute Of Your Day Is Now About Mommyhood; No, You Don't Need A Shower!; and What Music Will Make Your Baby A Genius.
*2005-2007 might include Best Cookies and Cakes; You're Pregnant Again?
*2007 would be How To Discover Yourself Again; and Losing The Baby Weight.
*My 2008 shelf would include Genealogy for Dummies; From Film To Digital Photography.
*2009-2010 What To Do When Life Goes To Heck In A Handbasket; Surviving Miscarriage; Surviving Job Loss; Surviving Other Insanely Crazy Things You Never Imagined Could Happen; but then Becoming A Published Author; Being A New Mom Again; and When Every Conflicting Emotion Occurs In A Twelve Month Period.

See the trend here? Non-fiction books have helped get me through so many times of my life. Of course, I would never downplay the importance of the best non-fiction books: the scriptures. But there have been many other great books along the way that have given me the boost or ideas I needed to break through a hard time.

Some of my favorites have been about raising girls, creative discipline, and improving marriage. I don't see using so-called self-help books as a negative thing. I see it as wanting to do all you can to improve various aspects of your life. Right now I am reading a hefty stack of non-fiction dedicated to improving my writing.
So, do you read non-fiction? What topics do you love? Would your non-fiction journal over the years explain your life's trials and triumphs?