Monday, May 23, 2011

A Mommy's Always Write Quiz

And now we bring you a post of utmost importance! Please complete the following survey in the comment section below. (Yes, this may seem like it has nothing to do with being a Mommy or a Writer, but I assure you.... well, you're right.)

1. Smart Car or Suburban?

2. E Reader or E! Hollywood?

3. Fruit candy or chocolate?

4. Delivery or Homemade?

5. Pandora or real radio?

6. The Voice or Idol?

7. Summer or winter?

And the most important question of all time...
8. Twilight or Vampires Suck?

1. My Suburban eats Smart Cars for breakfast.
2. I don't have an Nook, Kindle or anything of the sorts, but I also don't think I've ever seen E!. I will go with e reader (because it's on my wish list).
3. Duh! Chocolate. Starburst, Red Vines, Skittles, these things don't even tempt me.
4. Delivery.
5. Pandora. However, they're starting to allow commercials, so it's getting a little less enticing now. Also, I've noticed Pandora's been not as good at reading my mind and knowing what music I want to hear lately. Still, I have to go for Pandora because I haven't heard any Dollar Rent A Car commercials on it yet.
6. The Voice! Lame intro song, but AWESOME show. Plus, Idol has just gone down hill with all the judge changes. And, if I must admit it, Christina Aguilera is about the most beautiful woman in the world. If modesty wasn't an issue for me, I would definitely want her boobs. :)
7. Summer!
8. Twilight. Although when I first read it, I kind of glanced around thinking, Really? This is what all this fuss is about? Vampires Suck was probably in the top five worst movies ever for me; however, the lead actress' version of Bella was pretty funny.



Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Having trouble wtih the internet - have to go from memory -
Can I choose a smart SUV?
Ereader (love my kindle)
Homemade pizza
I haven't seen voice but choosing it cause I hate Idol (three shows a week? Seriously?)
um, I can't remember anymore, sorry!

BUt great quiz. Fun is always in!


Melanie Jacobson said...

I think Cristina Aguilera is icky. She looks dried up. BUT, I think the 3 guys on that show are hilarious, especially Blake Shelton.

Jolene Perry said...

My Rover also eats smart cars for breakfast. But I live just down from the mountains on a twisty road with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of stupid drivers and really big moose.

KINDLE ALL THE WAY!!!! I picked up a real book the other day was like, wait I have to TURN the page??

Yeah, Chocolate. Salty Dog Dark chocolate is my fav. I tend to go for the odd stuff.

Hmmm delivery - we have this place nearby who makes the most delicious whole wheat crust - I could just eat the bread. SO yummy.

YES! Stupid pandora is messing with me!!! IPOD and there's ONE channel up here I love. ONE.

yeah... I don't have TV...

SUMMER. It's just so, so, so short...

Twilight. Every time I thought part of it was cheesy I had to remind myself - teenage girls, teenage girls, prom is important...
But yeah, my husband even read them out loud with me. He's quite a guy.
I have not yet succumbed to the Hunger Games.


Anna said...

1) Suburban. I think the Smart Cars look interesting, but wouldn't make sense for my family until the family is grown up.

2) Kindle. I researched a ton and went with Kindle.

3) Chocolate!

4) Homemade. LOVE homemade pizza, although delivery is nice because you don't have to make it.

5) Pandora. I rarely listen to the radio anymore. Even in the car I listen to my CD's.

6) Neither really. Only season I watch most of Idol was David Archuleta season. Never seen The Voice.

7) Summer. I don't like the heat, but prefer being out in it to the cold. Plus, it's camping time.

8) Twilight. Although I think the preview to Vampires Suck look funny. I've heard the preview had all the funny parts though.

Sari said...

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.... and Chocolate!