Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You have to read this!

Wow, if you're a parent of girls... Or if not, but you care about the future of the female race (okay, I've included everybody now, right?) You HAVE TO READ THIS ARTICLE.

Check it out. It's called Parents Don't Dress Your Girls Like Tramps.

I thought it was great, and I'd love to get your feedback on it here. Don't comment there :), chat over at my place! wink. wink.


Anna said...

I read that one. I think it's all over facebook. :)

I think that kids are little for only so long (well, that's a fact). But really, let them be a child since it doesn't last.

My oldest girl is 5 and I have NO plans on getting her "sexy" looking clothes. She's a little girl. I do buy her a two piece bathing suit, but I make sure it is tankini style. I figure it's easier for her for quick bathroom breaks. I won't buy a bikini for her.(Not that she wants it.)

I want her to learn self-confidence without it having anything to do with how she looks. On the other side, I do want her to learn how to look her best and take care of herself so she feels outwardly good about herself. But those should be two different things, not one.

Deborah A. said...

Oh, wow. That was amazing! I remember going to BYUI and not being able to wear shorts or tank-tops or flip-flops on campus. Yeah, it was tough to find a wardrobe that met the standards, but I did it. That same year, a cousin of mine was justifying her skimpy outfits by saying, "That's the only thing stores sell!"

True. But I found clothes that covered my shoulders and stomach. Go figure.

I have seven nieces that all fit into the age range of this article, and I was heartbroken thinking about little girls their age thinking about sex appeal and make-up and push-up bras.

Anyway, that was a really good article, thank you for sharing.

Jolene Perry said...

Before even READING the article, I can tell you that my daughter will never, ever, dress like a tramp. Not while I have ANY say at all over what she wears. I'm shocked all the time I what I see in the stores for seven year olds. A seven year old does not need leopard print or heels.
I'm so headed there.

Jolene Perry said...

OK - I'm now back. I was visiting my friend in Salt Lake last year and a sort-of-friend of hers stopped by, but just briefly because her 5 year old daughter was running late for her hair appointment to get her highlights in. The mom commented how she had her boring dark blond hair and how much the highlights helped. I wanted to scream. Poor kid, already, at 5, when she's supposed to be worrying about her dolls, and her fun little girl frilly dresses, she's getting highlights to add a little something to her hair... so sad.