Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Every High School Had This Couple

You know the one I'm talking about. For our sake, we'll call them Lovey and Lovette. This couple was a permanent fixture in every high school.

They met their freshman year. He was a jock. She was a cheerleader (or in my school a partier, because cheerleaders just weren't cool at all). Their whirlwind romance was hot and heavy from the get-go. Before first semester finals, they'd both said "I love you" and were well on their way to true high-school-love bliss.

But wait. Then there was that mid-freshman year fling Lovette had with sophomore Hot Stuff. So, a damaged Lovey dumped the man and was set to move on with her life. Lovette was a smart fellow, though, and he wanted Lovey back. He commandeered the high school PA system to confess his undying love. How could Lovey resist?

The next summer Lovey met Sweetheart Darling on a summer vacation to the beach and dumped Lovette for a few weeks. His never-ending stream of Shakespearean texts won her over, and in no time, Lovey and Lovette were back in each others' arms.

This drama played out for the next four years. He dumps her; they make up. She dumps him; they make up. They opt for a mutual, no-fault break-up; next week she's wearing a promise ring. You get the picture.

And everyone else in the high school was saying this: Oh, give it a rest already!

This on-again/off-again high school romance is annoying for so many reasons. On many levels, we must be thinking, it will never work. If Lovey and Lovette have tried and failed so many times, their relationship just probably wasn't meant to be.

But then, there are a few of these seemingly doomed relationships that appear to get over their trials and mature into happy-ever-after-dom.

***Right now my journalism professors would be beating me over the head because that was the longest intro into my topic ever conceived.*** But, I digress. Stay with me now, there is a point.

Me and my current WIP are in a major high schooley, love-hate, Lovey-Lovette relationship right now. Phew, I got there. See, I told you there was a correlation.

Seriously though, we started out hot and steamy, but then fizzled quick. We gave each other some space. Maybe too much space. We tried to pick back up where we left off, but we both decided the chemistry just wasn't flowing. We went from 20,000 words to 15,000 words to 8,000 words. We split up again, and I considered making our break up permanent. Really, I thought, this relationship (errr, book) just wasn't meant to be. My Lovette begged and pleaded his way back into my word processor though, and now here we are at Take 3. This is the last chance! I swear. I will dump this MS faster than Lovey dumped Lovette if it disappoints me one more time.

Here's to on-again/off-again relationships. Wish me and my WIP luck.

And now on to you. Have you ever had an on-again/off-again relationship with a WIP OR in real life? Did it work out or was it just better to part ways?


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Serious way with words, chika!

I used to do that, I'd start the MS and then leave it. In my trunk downstairs I have like 15 started and never finished MSs. Sad.

But when I started again, I remembered them and I promised myself I'd finish every book I started. No matter what. Even if it sucks (but I still have about 4 started that I fell out of lust with for the moment, but I'll work my way back).

Jolene Perry said...

I'm TOTALLY doing this with a project right now. Fortunately, I have a lot of projects to bounce around with. Although, that in itself is a whole different kind of struggle.
I'm in two POVs and I keep thinking I should take one out, I'm not connecting with my girl, and I love my boy so much I don't want to do anything to hurt him, or make his life hard in ANY way. Kind of destroys the tension...
So, yeah. I'm totally with you. It just seems like, I have 20,000 words, and the rest mapped. SURELY I should be able to finish...

And your topic intro was AWESOME =)

Crazy Corinne said...

LMBO Maggie! That was an awesome intro to your dilemma! I'm sure you'll figure our your Lovette and get him whipped into shape! Just dive right in and go crazy and maybe you'll come out with something cooler than what you were aiming for in the beginning!! Loves!!

Anna said...

I can totally relate. I of course, have my "first love" that I wrote long ago. Looking back, it wasn't that great, but it meant something to me then. I've debated taking the same idea and improving on it now that I'm 14 years older. But not anytime soon.

My other WIP is a love/hate. Well, not hate, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

My current WIP: I am so happy when I'm writing it and love the way I feel.

Who knew that WIP could give a similar feeling of relationships?