Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Check-In Catch Up

Okay, so it's April 6 already, and we haven't done our monthly check up yet. Shame on us. You know, timely appointments and early detection are of utmost importance!

Well, here we go. Go ahead, put on that embarrassing gown, and the Dr. will be right in.

Where are you at with your New Year's Resolutions?

Here's my rundown.

1. Revise The Letters Never Sent and submit it to the publisher.
****Hooray! This goal is complete. I mailed my manuscript off on April 4!

2. Finish a rough draft of Danielle, Never The Bride.
****This hasn't seen the light of day in a long time. It's just about time to drag it out again.

3. See a weight on the scale I haven't seen in a few years.
****March was wonderful for this goal. I lost seven pounds in March. I am just two pounds from my goal weight. And I am six pounds from my oh-my-gosh-I-feel-great weight.

4. Get going on long-term savings.
****Kind of went backwards on this one. Shucks. But, for good reason. We had to pay tuition since my husband started college.

Now where are you at? Are you still plugging along at those pesky New Year's Resolutions or have you given them up altogether? Check up time!


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Hahaha, this was funny.

great job on your goals. Mine have changed, but I'm trucking along.

: )

Deborah A. said...

Congrats on getting your MS in the mail!! That seems like one of the most nerve-wracking things in the world to me. Can't wait to hear what happens.

As for the rest of your goals, GREAT! I know you probably feel like you went backwards on #4, but really, I think the long term rewards will definitely pay off.

Anna said...

I haven't done too much writing this month yet... and I signed up for Tristi Pinkston's writing challenge. I've been doing a ton of reading and not so much writing.

I've lost 11 pounds so far this year. Feeling good about that goal still.

My other goal I've recently decided on, is clutter-free by the end of the year. I plan on having daily clutter around, but plan on having getting rid of things I just don't love or want or use.