Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two-Question Tuesday

You can nary read a writing blog these days without a post about e-readers. I'm still not converted. However, that's not what we're talking about today.

Instead of covering the ins and outs of which e-reader is best, or what e-readers are going to do to the publishing industry, I have just two questions to pose to you.

1. If you're a writer, can and do you use your e-reader to read over your manuscript or beta read someone else's manuscript? I'm thinking this would be a huge plus for me.

2. If you're a reader, how have e-readers changed your reading life?


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

1: Yes, I do. In fact it helps me take my CP's MS with me to drop off kids, etc. w/o the huge laptop or a printed version. It's awesome.

2. It has DRASTICALLY changed my reading life. I don't have a lot of storage and my husband isn't keen on "wasting" it on books, but now that I have a Kindle that holds 3500 of them, my reading has increased a ton!

An aside - there is a man who invented an App where the author can "sign" ebooks for readers. it's awesome!

Proctor Funk said...

I love my ereader. This is from a lover of books. I have hundreds of books on one tiny device and don't have to worry about boxing them up or finding a place to put them. I read faster and read some books I wouldn't ordinarily pick up due to them being free or super cheap. Not gonna lie though, I still prefer the touch and feel of a real book. I do 80% of my reading digitally now though.

Jolene Perry said...

OK - I have a book coming out with Cedar Fort in Oct, found you on goodreads, your book has one of my favorite book covers of all time, love the colors, so I followed you here from Cedar Fort, and then to goodreads and then here... Just in case you were curious as to where I came from.

It's on my EREADER right now, but I can't imagine using my ereader to edit manuscripts. I know I CAN, but my eyes aren't fab, if I'm editing, I want my laptop.

Tana Adams said...

I have both an ipad and a Kindle. The Kindle is very limited and archaic but you don't realize that until you get an ipad which is infinately better. You can still download the free kindle app on your new ipad and enjoy all the same benefits (but better) than a regular Kindle. I'd really look at both before buying. If you're a writer you need an e-reader period. =) Have fun shopping!

Catherine West said...

I LOVE my iPad. Before I got it, I actually read on my itouch, which I now can't believe I did! For me, as much as I love the look and feel of a traditional book, it's convenience. I love being able to see a review of a book I find interesting, and be able to start reading it that same day. I also live on a small island and our bookstores aren't the greatest. I used to spend a ton of money ordering from Amazon, and shipping is crazy expensive. So I am totally sold on the e-reader and actually don't know how to live without it anymore!

Janna Qualman said...

I have a Kindle and I love it, especially when traveling, but holding it takes me out of the story I'm reading. I can't get lost the same way I do when holding a paperback. (Trade-size is my favorite. *wink*)

Thanks for your thoughts regarding talking with kids about writing!