Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So you're dying to know, right?

Last week in a post about book titles, I told you I was reading a good book, with a bad title. In case anyone was wondering what the book was, let me fill you in...

The book is Strangling Your Husband Is Not An Option by Merrilee Boyack.

The non-fiction book is a self-help marriage read about the importance of maintaining an environment of courtship after the wedding. With a heavy dose of humor it covers The Five Do's and Five Don'ts of Wifehood, as well as ways to be a fun and smart wife, and ways how not to "loose the real me" in your marriage.

Although there were a few times I found the author to come across as a bit arrogant, I really enjoyed this book. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Laura's The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. I'd categorize this book as a Mormon version of that must-read manual. Whenever I notice myself becoming a particularly naggy or ungrateful of a wife, I pull Dr. Laura off my shelf. I'd definitely do the same with Boyack's book.

My favorite point in the book was Boyack's discussion of complimentary gifts. Quoting someone else, Boyack said, "Every family has all the spiritual gifts it needs to reach exaltation." She said that we as wives often measure our husbands against our own spiritual gifts (think: why doesn't he plan FHE when he's the patriarch of our family?). Instead, we should realize the complimentary gifts our husbands have that we may fall short of. In my family, Dan has the humility. Dan has the easy-going demeanor. Dan has an attitude of "of course, we'll do what we've been asked to do," while I at times question things. Dan and I have total complimentary spiritual gifts, and I'm sure you do too.

Now to the negative aspect of this review. The title! Seriously, I found myself hiding the book while I was reading it because I didn't want my husband to think I wanted to strangle him.

Most ladies who read marriage books only want to improve. The title of Dr. Laura's book conveys that feeling of wanting to be a better wife. This one, not so much.

On the whole I recommend this book. Since reading it I've already scheduled babysitters for more dates for us. I'm confident following Boyack's guidelines could do nothing but improve your marriage.

(Just feel free to "x" out the title to save yourself some embarrassment).

Have you ever had to hide a book because you didn't want someone to know you were reading it? (And I'm not talking naughty books here). Ha Ha!

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Bonnie R. Paulson said...

I have but I can't remember the name. It wasn't that impressionable of a book no matter which way you looked at it.

Great review. Am considering it.