Friday, March 18, 2011

Finding the Jewel every day

Last night I attended a wonderful church meeting where the teacher reminded us that while every day presents a myriad of challenges, we can find a "jewel".

She said if we steal little snatches of joy, or little jewels each day, soon we will have a huge collection of jewels to carry us through the hardest times.

I often lament over the hardness of day-to-day life, so I am so looking forward to this challenge. This morning I already found one jewel. This morning after I put the breakfast in front of the kids, I forgot to have one of them say the blessing on the food. From the other room, I heard this:

From 5 year old to 3 year old: "We forgot to bless the food."
3 year old. "That's okay."
5 year old: "No. We better say it. Saying prayers is a really good way to talk to Heavenly Father and tell him what you're needing."
They then proceeded to say their own little prayers.

What a sweet little jewel.

What jewel have you found in this day?


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

awwww I love this. My jewel was Oldest boy getting treats from tooth fairy and sharing with his siblings. so sweet!

Tana Adams said...

Oh I love this! Todays jewel is that my family is always there for me. I've enjoyed their company today. =)