Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrating the small accomplishments

The day I saw "Growing Up Gracie" and held it for the first time was one of the most wonderful days of my life. It was the culmination of hours spent writing, editing, rewriting, and then lots of weeks HOPING someone would think it was worthy of being published. It was a wonderful moment.

But today's post is dedicated to some of the other moments that precede the big payoff (and I'm talking emotional payoff here, not financial :) of starting with an idea and seeing it through to the final stage in the book world.

Life can often get us down between page 1 of a new manuscript and a book on the shelf in Barnes and Noble. So, in the meantime, I think writers need to celebrate the small accomplishments.

As a writer, what are some of the smaller milestones you celebrate?

-Hitting certain word counts? 20K. 50K. 80K. etc.
-Finishing a rough draft is a huge one for me. Nothing feels better than typing the THE END on my last page.
-In revising, my small accomplishment comes when I feel my book is ready enough to go out to my first readers.
-Another small celebration comes for me when my book is finally done with my revisions and ready to be submitted.
-Query Letter done--ANOTHER reason to celebrate!
-Rejetions--Um, no. No celebration there.
-Acceptance letter. HUGE celebration. In my opinion, this one is only slightly behind the actual book release in excitement factor.
-Then you can celebrate when your editor is done working through your MS.
-You'll definitely want to celebrate the release of your cover.
-And finally the LONG AWAITED day will arrive that you will have the grandest celebration of all-----You are a published author!

Share some of your small celebrations in writing with me.


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

I love celebrating all of it.

The call is a definite woohoo moment. Finishing a book is a great feeling.

Probably the contract signing is my absolute fave though. It's like yeah baby!

Good post!

I like my CP too!


Proctor Funk said...

Love the new look Maggie!