Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back to your roots

Since becoming a published author, the number one comment I hear from folks is this: "I've always wanted to write a book."

Here are some of the other comments I've heard:
"I would love to be an author, but I just don't have time."
"I'm going to write a book some day."
"I would love to write, but my thoughts just don't sound good on paper."

A neat thing about the world of literature, is that it isn't uber competitive like the world of photography. Each person in the world can buy multiple books whereas each family in the world will probably only afford one photographer.

So I am all for many of you fulfilling your writing dreams!

Here are a couple words of advice to those folks. AND a little disclaimer here: this advice is coming from a life-long WRITER. Not an author (I've only been that for a few months now, so I can hardly offer advice from that perspective).

As you can see by my author's picture, I recently went "back to my roots" quite literally. And you know what? My roots surprised me. I had no idea my hair was that dark. However, I'm enjoying being a brunette for the time being.

For those wanting to write, I would suggest starting there: At their roots. Pull up a Microsoft Word document and just start writing. It may be about a memory you had as a child; it may be a character description that has been bouncing around in your head for years; it may be a fantasy world you've always wanted to create.

Don't start out by trying to write the world's greatest epic novel. Don't search for what is most "marketable" right now and head off in that genre. Just write at your core: what feels the most natural and what simply flows out of you when you're at the keyboard.

Trust me, you can worry about figuring the rest out later. For instance, I realize "Growing Up Gracie" isn't HUGE on plot. However it was what was in my heart. "Gracie" had been screaming at me from the inside out for a long time. I wrote what was AT MY ROOTS and luckily a few other folks thought it was worthwhile too.

The book I'm writing now is definitely at my roots. Quite literally in some aspects, as several of the stories in the novel are loosely based on my awesome ancestors.

So what's at your writing roots? Is it a magical fantasy land? A journal entry about how stinking stressed out you are? Or something else entirely.

Do share...

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Dan said...

My roots are definitely in fantasy. They were some of the earliest stories I created, but I also wrote poetry very early on in my elementary school as well.