Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Rogue Shop review (New CFI Author Blog Hop)

The Rogue Shop by Michael Knudsen is a story about a young man venturing into Mormon country with only one thing: a vow to his aunt to never become a Mormon. He immediately finds himself penniless and desperate, and the unsuspecting neighbor of two cute LDS roommates.

Chris Kerry is in need of a job, and quick, so he dons a shabby suit and makes his way into the highly dysfunctional Regal Formalwear in downtown Salt Lake City. Between his experiences with his roommates and his coworkers, Chris comes to discover truths about his past as well as a hope for his future.

I enjoyed The Rogue Shop and especially found the characters to be the high point of the story. Each of Chris's coworkers jump off the page with their realistic quirks and dialogue.

In fact, I liked Michael Knudsen's characters so much, I invited them down to Mommy's Always Write for an interview. Here is a panel discussion with the characters of the book. Please check out the bottom of my post for more chances to win in the New Cedar Fort Author Blog Hop.

Maggie Fechner: Chris, What about "the Mormons" most threw you for a loop when you arrived in Utah? Was any of it as bad as your Aunt had warned you?

Chris: I was blown away by how they all seem to know stuff is true. I mean, Joseph Smith and his first vision, and that gold plates stuff? I couldn't get over how they just seem to take his word for it.

MF: Angie, What is your ideal first-date menu?

Angie: If I really wanted to impress a guy, I'd hit him with my marinated pork enchiladas, rolled in handmade white corn tortillas and smothered in a smokin' chile verde laced with fresh pressed habanero and a hint of raspberry syrup. Yep, raspberry. That was the secret ingredient until, well, just now.

MF: Stan, Should every man OWN a tux?

Stan: Rentals are okay for proms and weddings, but for Pete's sake, man, get with the program if you want to have any chance with the ladies.

MF: Eva, What was your personal favorite gown you ever designed?

Eva: I would have to say the very first satin gown I made in America, the one Mr. Park gave me the fabric for in 1949. I had no model, so I made it for Katherine Hepburn, who I had seen in a movie. That gown launched my career as a designer.

MF: Travis, Do you read the dictionary every evening before bed or are you simply blessed with an unbelievable vocabulary?

Travis: Pester me not with your patronizing interrogatives. How I became a walking verbal superpower will remain my secret, and mine alone.

MF: Willard, Have you ever been punched for your inseam measurement practices?

Willard: I know what I'm doing, so buzz off. Accuracy is everything when it comes to measuring inseams, and I'll do what it takes to get it right.

MF: Teresa, When you're not home-wrecking, what hobbies do you enjoy?

Teresa: I collect matchbooks. Hmmm, fire.

MF: Rick, Go ahead, tell us the names you reserve for your co-workers behind their backs.

Rick: Stan Park is an incompetent businessman. Willard Rush needs to be put out of his misery before he destroys Regal Formalwear. Travis--well, Travis just needs to stay upstairs and keep his big, wordy mouth shut.

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Michael Knudsen said...

Thanks for the great post, Maggie. And just so you know, you have such good music here that sometimes I "turn on" your blog when I'm working.

Taffy said...

I'm a follower/subscriber of both of you!

Interesting job, harvesting pineapples...:)

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