Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's talk romance

Who doesn't love a good romance?

There's some form of gorgeous scenery, and a pair of uber-attractive folks who fall in love with each other, and then comes the conflict. There must be some reason it's hard for them to be together: they fight too much and can't admit their love, there are miles between them, families don't approve, aliens attack and whisk one of the lovers away. Whatever.

In the end, of course, they find a way to be together and either are married or "committed" to each other in a state of pure bliss.

Now on to real life. For most of the married population of the world, that wooing or courting stage lasted a short while. Maybe a few months to a few years. Then the married part of life ensued which we hope lasts for about 50 or more years.

So here's my question. If courting is such a tiny part of our romantic lives, why are most romances based on that? Is it because the bulk of married life is just too darn boring to make a story out of? I don't think so.

Is it possible to write a GOOD romance about a couple who is already married?

I don't mean a suspense novel or a history lesson or anything like that where their love is just kind of laced in. I mean a true romance novel where it's entirely about their being together.

Have you read one?

Come on, let's get some comments going here! I want your opinions.


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

I like romance no matter what the relationship status is. I think though usually marriage is the ultimate commitment, thus the dating is the part leading up to that and so it's the romantic part.

Great post!

shaliemphotography said...

I do think there needs to be more romance in books about married couples! And not just helpful guide books, but, novels!!

Proctor Funk said...

I have read a book where the couple has been married 20+ years and it was still very romantic and more identifiable with the type of things that happen in my own marriage. I think that there should definitely be more books out there where the couples are already past the courting. I kind of feel that so many of the wooing type books sets unrealistic ideals for some it will be constantly like that once they find "their one true love"....

Michael Knudsen said...

Possible, but very hard! Some of the main reasons people read romance is the exciting part of first meeting and the attraction, then overcoming the obstacles. You could do it with a married couple, but they'd have to be "estranged" from each other and have mountains to climb to get back together.

Maggie said...

Thanks guys! Corinne, I totally agree with you. It's like when you watch a sappy love movie you start questioning if your (amazing and awesome but somewhat common-place) love is good enough. I would love to read the book you were talking about. Do you remember the title?

Rachael Renee Anderson said...

I have to agree with Michael. There's just something about new love that makes it a little more fun and exciting. Good luck!