Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Writing for release

What do you do to calm your nerves?

Do you enjoy a day at the spa? Go for a run? Have a sit-down with your hubby and vent all the things wrong in your world?

Here's an idea. Try writing.

I wake up early and try to write every week day. It doesn't always happen, but when I am pushing myself for a word count or something, I really stay on the ball and I rarely miss a morning. Sometimes getting out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5 and my sweet honey says, "babe? Are you getting up today?" is really tough. Maybe he shouldn't put it as a question. It's true, sometimes I roll over and say, "I don't think so." But most the time I say "yeah" and after another ten minutes I drag myself out of bed and to the computer.

It takes me a few minutes to get my brain in gear, but once I do, and the words start really flowing, I feel fabulous. And when the clock nears 6:45 and my morning write is almost done, I feel even better. For me, it's the same as that horrible feeling of not wanting to go work out, but then once you do you are so glad that you did. Does that make sense?

The next time life feels a bit hard (And with the economy, sickness, stress of holidays, or children home from school--trust me life will feel hard), I challenge you to write. Get out a piece of paper if you like to do it old school, or sit down at your computer if you would rather. Just let your mind wonder.

WHAT you write is not important. THE act of writing is the therapy here. I think many people would love to be writers, but they are afraid what they will write might be junk. I have news for you. What EVERYONE writes is junk! It's only after revisions and outside readers' opinions and feedback that the junk we write starts to take shape and become something worth reading.

So give it a try. And maybe I'll give exercising a try. But then again... probably not.


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Hahaha! great start to the day. I love that you start your day like that. It makes your writing more of a sacrifice rather than something you just do.

If I have time in the morning to write - like there wasn't a lot of work in that day or something - I assign myself something before I can start to write so that I am for SURE getting up. I hate wasting time.

Thanks for the great post! I can't wait to see what you're working on now!

Sari said...

I think I'll keep up with the exercising-- they are both releases. I remember when I was taking a writing class with you and our professor encouraged us to write daily-- it does work, but I haven't kept up with it. You go girl! PS.I love reading this blog