Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Anti-Resolution Resolutions...

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions. As my husband says, if you're really going to do something, you wouldn't have to wait until January 1 to start it. However, I do have a couple of plans for next year (and both of them are already in the works).

Revise The Letters Never Sent and submit it to the publisher. I have hid my rough draft away for a month to get some space from it and will be pulling it back out in a few weeks.

Finish a rough draft of Danielle, Never The Bride. I am at 10,000 words (out of 75K).

Try to attend LDS Storymakers Conference. The trip is kind of expensive for a non-Utahan, so hopefully this can work out.

Good luck writers with your goals for 2011! Post them here if you want to.


Rebecca Talley said...

The Storymakers conference is expensive, not as much as most, but totally worth it. I travel from CO each year to attend and I love it.

I make resolutions every week and just keep plugging away. My biggest goal for this year is to have my manuscript ready to submit by April.

I enjoyed your book and will be reviewing it on my blog--are you doing a blog tour?

Sari said...

I plan to do more personal journal writing for one of my 2011 goals, this shouldn't be too difficult because ANY writing would me MORE!! Wish me luck :)!

I've been thinking about the Mommy moments and will try and get something ready.