Thursday, December 30, 2010

JANUARY is going to rock!

Okay, to my whole 7 followers, I have news. January is going to be a big month for my blog. And by February, I better have some more readers!

Here are some of the exciting things happening at Mommy's Always Write next month.

* My LDS Mommas writing contest. Here is the link. So far we only have two entries. But Christmas is over now, so get to it! The deadline is January 15th. The contest isn't based on how good your writing is, just on number of entries. So if we get at least 10, one of you will win a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. Please enter!

* An awesome "blog hop" with three of my fellow new Cedar Fort Authors. Michael Knudsen, Cheri Chesley, and Dan Harrington will be joining with me in reviewing books, interviewing each other, and of course, offering prizes.

*And don't forget January 22 I will be at the Brass Plates Bookstore signing books from 2-4.

So please become a "follower" via the button below. But more importantly, become a reader by checking back often.

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Dan said...

There's a lot to do in 2011! Congrats on your Whitney nomination, Maggie. That's so cool!!!