Wednesday, November 17, 2010


These few weeks have been super exciting with the release of Growing Up Gracie. The most frequent question I get asked is this: Where can I buy your book? So, here's an update!
On shelves it is available at most Deseret Bookstores in Utah and Southern Idaho. It has been ordered and will be on shelves soon at The Thistle in Cody, Wyoming, (where the book is set). It is on shelves at the Brass Plates Bookstore in Spokane Valley. I have also had friends go in to Barnes and Noble and Hastings and had clerks order it for them.
As far as online, it is at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Deseret Book, and Cedar Fort.
Thanks for buying it. The more books sold the more likely a publisher will want the next book I produce, so thanks!

Also, my college alma matter ran an article about me and my novel in their newspaper this week. Here is the link to the Eastern Washington University Easterner story.


Sari said...

Yeah! Nice to see such great interest and energy around your first(of many)book.

FireandIce said...

I just finished your book and am working on a review. Would love to do an author interview this week!