Sunday, November 14, 2010

Growing Up Gracie is released!!!

This has been an awesome week. Growing Up Gracie was officially released on Monday and I received my very own first copies on Wednesday. Amazing.
We had a fantastic launch party last night and had lots of wonderful people come by to say Congrats and buy their own copies of the book. I was able to read my dedication and acknowledgments to those who mean the most to me and supported me while Growing Up Gracie was becoming a reality. My sister catered the event and I only have two words for the food-Holy Yum.
Now what's even better is that some of the folks who have bought the book are starting to post their opinions on Facebook and that is total heaven. I have been so very nervous about the simplicity of this first novel; and so far all the comments have been great!
Yay for a wonderful week.

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Michael Knudsen said...

Congratulations Maggie on the release and success of Growing Up Gracie! Can't wait to read the book. I'll be going through the same thing about 3 weeks from now with The Rogue Shop, so I'll be checking back here often to see how it's going for you.