Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can't wait any longer!

I've been waiting for details to share any information, but I've just got to get the word out on my book--even though I don't know EVERYTHING yet.

For all North Idaho and Eastern Washington folks who are interested in checking out Growing Up Gracie and meeting the author, a fantastic release party is in the works, and details will be announced soon. Books will be available there!

For everyone else, the time to go out and look for that book has finally arrived! The official release date is November 8--Monday! And some November release Cedar Fort books are already making their ways to the bookstores. If it's not at your favorite bookstore, request they order it!

And if you'd rather shop from the comfort of your computer desk, feel free to order online at Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. It's also available directly from the publisher, Cedar Fort Inc.

Pass on the word to your friends and family. Or better yet, buy it for them for a Christmas gift. It's definitely an LDS novel, but is also appropriate for anyone who just enjoys a little clean romance.

Thanks for the support and I'd love anyone who sees my book on a shelf to leave a comment on where they found it.

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