Monday, August 16, 2010

Author's Remorse, and other pre-publishing lessons

Well we are nearing the days when my first novel Growing Up Gracie will head to the press to be put into print. It's been through the editors and my final author's proofs are due back in less than a week. The cover is almost finished and book buyers are being lined up for the selling of it.

As this unique process comes to fruition, I have learned some neat lessons.

First of all, I wanted more than anything for my book to be picked up by a publisher but now that it has, let me just say this--YIKES! As the day comes closer I realize many people will be reading something I spent a lot of time on and is close to my heart. It scares me to know that many people will say, "Huh?? I could have done much better than that!" or "Seriously?? What was she thinking?"

What keeps me grounded is the thought that while yes, many or maybe even most of you COULD have done it BETTER than me, you didn't... And some day if you do actually finish a book, I wish you nothing but the best of luck with it!!!

I have realized no matter how much time and how many rewrites I do, there are always going to be parts of my book that I just wish I could have phrased better. There are going to be characters I love and feel perfectly developed and others that just didn't quite get to the point I wished they had. There are going to be single words that I will re-read 10 years down the road and cringe at.

But more importantly than all this is the knowledge that while this book will soon be a final product, it is also just a starting point. I hope to have a long writing career full of improvement and growth. I hope that one day I will look back (after my 7th novel is published) and think, wow, I've come a long way.

Thank you all who have helped me with your encouragement as I begin this journey.

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Dan said...

Maggie, reading this blog was like reading my mind.

I also have a book coming out with Cedar Fort in November, and the closer the date gets, the more I've worried about every other sentence: little things I should have cut, added, etc. Let's hope it's just the start of long careers for both of us. Good luck with everything!