Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About My Books

My debut novel, Growing Up Gracie, is a young adult novel with Latter-day Saint themes. It was published by Cedar Fort Publishing Company in November of 2010. I hope you like it!

Burnt sienna, auburn or even ginger colored hair was what Gracie Fremont longed for as her bony fingers held waxy crayons next to her long locks one by one. But if the timid, skinny five-year-old were honest with herself, the closest match was brown. Plain old brown.
And that brown crayon defined Gracie Fremont’s life: Average.
Nothing difficult or unusual or even interesting ever happened to this little girl sandwiched in an LDS family of eight. But growing up in rural Cody, Wyoming, Gracie learns that lasting friendships, hidden talents and developing a testimony of her own are some of life’s most precious gifts. And finding true love is a fantastic bonus.


The Letters Never Sent

When Lily Foster makes a major life change and discovers secrets about her ancestors she never bargained for, the first step of an exhilarating journey is taken. As she struggles with her own trials Lily finds a link that will take her from present day to that of her great-great grandmother Ailsa MacDonald Ritchie, making her own way from Scotland to Wyoming. This book is about a journey of redemption and a search for sense of self. And the realization that sometimes what we long for the most is the one thing that was right in front of us all along.
The Letters Never Sent is a mainstream family saga about the women of the Ritchie family.
Rough draft done. In the revision process.

Ever After, Emmy (romance)
Gorgeous Emmalene Stark had a perfect life laid out for her from the time her gloating parents brought her home from the hospital in their tiny home-town. And she's never objected much. After all, it's been a good life. But on the cusp of her upcoming wedding to life-long friend Lawrence, Emmy experiences her first adventure that leaves her wondering if this cookie-cutter life is all its cracked up to be.
Set in the 1950s, two intermingling love stories will leave you hoping Emmy finds all she's searching for.

Currently 26K words (45K to go).
The Fremont Family Series (young adult fiction)
If you fell in love with the average girl from the All "Mormerican" Fremont family, you'll love these books.
Growing Up Gracie was the first in this series of six. Each book will be from the perspective of a different child in the family and will explore how even the "perfect" family faces hardships and trials and must learn and grow in more ways than one.

I am currently about 20,000 words in on my second novel in this series: Danielle, Never The Bride.

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Michael Knudsen said...

Maggie - just want to let you know that both my daughter and I read Growing Up Gracie and we both loved it. She's not the kind to post reviews, but I put my review on Amazon, goodreads, and Deseret Book. Congratulations on a great book. I'm happy to see that there will be more from the Fremont family!